The most delicious fried dishes with olive oil.

Some people ask me if you can use olive oil to fry, and I always answer the same: as long as it is extra virgin, you not only can but you should use it for frying. These are 3 fried foods that undoubtedly improve when using a premium quality olive oil.

Vegetable tempura

Vegetable tempura is very simple to make. You just need to chop up the vegetables you want to prepare. These may be carrots, zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, pepper, and even spinach. Once you have chopped them into pieces, place them in a mixture of cold water, flour, egg and salt. For these types of recipes, you can use olive oil to fry at a temperature between 265º and 290ºF. Dip them in the oil, and they’ll be ready in three minutes.

Fried chicken

To prepare this recipe just place the chicken pieces in a bowl and soak them in lemon juice with a couple of crushed garlic cloves, and add salt and pepper to taste. Let them marinate for two hours and then use a special flour to batter all the pieces. Fry the pieces in EVOO at a temperature of 320ºF for twelve minutes so that they cook on the inside and are crunchy on the outside.


It goes without saying that you can also use olive oil to fry croquettes. As for croquette recipes, each person has their own secret recipe and favorite filling. Make them as you usually do, but I recommend you make sure the temperature of the oil is 320ºF when frying them, so that they are crunchy.

You can use olive oil to fry because it conserves all its properties and flavor, as long as it does not exceed 390ºF. So, with the help of a kitchen thermometer, enjoy the most delicious fried foods with Carapelli. Your recipes will be transformed forever.