Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners

Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners

There is a myth that trying to achieve a healthy and balanced diet means abandoning your sense of taste. Nevertheless, nothing could be further from the truth. This Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners promotes unbeatable health and great taste.

Modifying your diet to achieve better health is one of life’s true treasures. To succeed you need to remember the foods that need to be consumed on a daily basis, the foods that you should eat occasionally, and those that you should save for very special occasions./p>

There are no forbidden foods in the Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners there are no forbidden foods. The key thing is to modify certain eating habits in order to achieve a healthier life. Accompany this delicious diet with some exercise and you’ll soon see the change.

Sugar, candies, cakes, pastries, soft drinks and sugary juices should be saved for very special occasions.

Foods to consume less frequently

• Legumes and tubers. The recommended frequency for this type of food is three times a week.

• Fish. It’s okay to eat fish two to three times a week.

• White meat. Like fish, you can also eat chicken or turkey a few times a week.

• Eggs. Two to four servings during the week is the ideal amount.

• Red meat. This food is eaten more frequently than it should be: it is important to eat this type of meat just once a week.

• Cold cuts. That’s right, you can keep eating cold cuts! But, like red meat, reserve them for one day a week.

Which foods should you consume daily?

This diet contains a number of essential foods that, given their fantastic nutritional qualities, should be consumed every day.

• Extra virgin olive oil. The first step in transforming your health is to use this oil for dressing, cooking and even frying. Switch from butter and other vegetable oils to this ingredient, since the benefits it brings are truly wonderful. A Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners calls for delicious recipes: that’s why you should use oils with great organoleptic qualities, such as Carapelli oils, so that you can taste the excellence of flavor and health.

• Cereals. Consuming oatmeal, bread, rice or pasta on a daily basis is also necessary.

• Fresh fruit and vegetables. Local and seasonal products guarantee exceptional quality in terms of their nutrients.

• Dairy products. It is also highly recommended to eat yogurt daily, or a little cheese or a glass of milk. Enjoying some natural yogurt with seasonal fruit between meals is essential if you want to follow the Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners.

• Don’t forget to stay hydrated, drinking 1½-2 liters of water a day.