Olive oil


What is virgin olive oil?

Have you ever wondered why some olive oils have “virgin” in their name? You’ve probably also felt the need to know the difference between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. In this article you’ll find out what virgin olive oil is and how it is different to extra virgin olive oil. The “virgin” label on […]

Best organic olive oil

There is nothing quite like a food that creates space in your fast-paced lifestyle for savoring its exquisite flavor. The best organic olive oil is an oil that is wholly dedicated to Mother Nature and which has organoleptic and nutritional qualities that are connected with the essence of the earth. What characteristics does an organic oil have? […]

Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners

Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners There is a myth that trying to achieve a healthy and balanced diet means abandoning your sense of taste. Nevertheless, nothing could be further from the truth. This Mediterranean diet meal plan for beginners promotes unbeatable health and great taste. Modifying your diet to achieve better health is one of life’s […]

Is EVOO the healthiest cooking oil?

Is EVOO the healthiest cooking oil? The world of vegetable oils is vast, and comparing their nutritional value is not the be all and end all. As well as the nutritional information written on the bottle it is essential to know the oxidative stability of each of them, as this helps you to discern which cooking […]

What is the smoke point of olive oil?

On a number of occasions, we have told you how stable extra virgin olive oil is and how it can be used at high temperatures. However, just like any food, it breaks down and burns when it reaches a certain temperature, which is known as the smoke point of olive oil. Logic dictates that, in order […]

Healthy and good fats: all you need to know.

Healthy and good fats: all you need to know I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, ‘healthy fats’. Applying the concept of ‘healthy’ to an element such as fat might seem like a contradiction in terms, but it isn’t. There are good fats that benefit the functioning of our bodies. Do you know which ones we’re referring to? […]

What is the mediterranean diet?

What is the Mediterranean diet? As you are well aware, this diet is renowned for being very healthy, especially because it encourages good functioning of the cardiovascular system. If you still don’t really know what the Mediterranean diet is and what the best dishes are for following it, just consider Italian cuisine. As well as being fantastic […]

What is cholesterol?

What is cholesterol and how can we prevent it? We often talk about cholesterol as if it were some sort of abstract thing. It isn’t though! And it’s crucial to understand everything about it if you want to achieve excellent health. That’s why we want to share with you today exactly what cholesterol is, what its […]

The top 5 foods of a Mediterranean diet

This diet has a prestigious reputation around the world, even though it originates from a specific region which is shaped by the Mediterranean climate. Eating the foods of a Mediterranean diet not only boosts health, but also promotes the sense of taste and enjoyment. 1. Extra virgin olive oil A premium EVOO, such as Carapelli oil, is […]

Extra virgin olive oil nutrition facts

Extra virgin olive oil nutrition facts I’m sure you’ve repeatedly heard this oil described as ‘liquid gold’. In our opinion, there’s no better name for it. It’s not just about the color, but also about the quality and extra virgin olive oil nutrition facts. They are golden for our health. EVOO is the juice of the […]

Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil?

Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil? Many of you might be wondering the following: “Can I use olive oil instead of vegetable oil?” By definition, olive oil is in fact a vegetable oil because it comes from the olive tree. It’s common for this to generate some confusion, however. Extra virgin olive […]

Olives: difference between green and black

What is an olive: Differences between green and black olives As well as being a delicious delicacy with a whole range of nutritional properties, the olive is, essentially, the fruit from the olive tree. As you are probably aware, it is also the only ingredient in extra virgin olive oil. Discovering what an olive is and its […]

Differences between cooking oils

The huge diversity of cooking oils mainly exists to adjust dishes to give them a specific personality. Each extra virgin olive oil is designed to pair with certain types of recipes and take them to a higher level, gastronomically speaking. These are the perfect oils for creating gourmet recipes. • Salads and fried dishes The ideal olive […]

Why is olive oil good for you?

Why is olive oil good for you? I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s increasingly common these days to use extra virgin olive oil for cooking, frying, dressing and pairing with the best recipes. This is because of its superb quality and the great benefits it brings to our health. Olive oil is undoubtedly good for you and […]

What is saturated fat? Is it good or bad?

What is saturated fat? Is it good or bad? Anybody interested in the world of health is bound to be familiar with the term “saturated fat”. To understand exactly what saturated fat is and to know whether or not it’s healthy, it’s essential to understand its composition and its effects on our health. Saturated fats are made […]

Is the price of olive oil a determining factor when choosing the oil?

It is true that quality production requires greater economic investment and, as a result, the final product cannot be overly cheap. However, some brands take advantage of this logical reasoning and increase the price of olive oil to mislead those who are less knowledgeable. Price isn’t everything There are superior quality extra virgin olive oils that can […]

The best olive tree plant according to Master Oliari.

As you already know, the Master Oliari select the trees that produce the best olives. The quality of the raw material forms the basis of the quality of the final product, and not just any old olive tree plant is able to produce a superior olive oil. Characteristics of a great olive tree The Master Oliari carefully […]

Something you need to know about EVOO in food.

The quality of a great meal is captured in the flavors that touch the palate. Sure you know that cooking with extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest way to prepare your recipes, but did you know that EVOO in food also enhances the flavors of your dishes, raising their culinary status? Frying with extra virgin olive […]

Can olive oil raise your cholesterol?.

When I say that olive oil can raise your cholesterol, I often receive puzzled looks. As you are probably aware, there are two types of cholesterol: one is harmful to health but the other is beneficial to health. EVOO increases HDL cholesterol, which is the type that benefits cardiovascular health. HDL cholesterol produced by EVOO • […]

Wat’s the best olive oil for cooking at home?

The wide variety of olive oils makes it difficult to know which oil is the most suitable for each dish. Paired well, olive oil gives a wonderful aroma, flavor and body to your recipes. That’s why I always say that the best olive oil for cooking depends on the recipe you want to prepare. Stews The ideal […]

The greatest olive oil dip recipes.

The tradition of dipping bread in olive oil and then savoring it goes back many years. I’m sure you’ll agree that to follow this tradition you need good bread and the finest extra virgin olive oil on your table. It is a tradition that permeates the entire Mediterranean region, so today I’d like to share […]

Antioxidant definition and health benefits

Consuming extra virgin olive oil means consuming a product that has a high antioxidant content. Although this sounds fantastic, a lot of people have no idea of the power of this quality in the body. The definition of antioxidant can help us to understand how this quality works in the body.. Definition of the term The word […]

4 benefits of olives that will make you want to eat them every day

Olives, the term used for this food, does not have as much relevance as the qualities of the fruit itself. These 4 benefits of olives are vital for healthy living, which is why it’s highly recommended for you to include them in your regular diet. One of the great pleasures in my life is having olives as […]

How to do an olive oil tasting.

The art of olive oil tasting is a highly stimulating experience. Discovering how the same food can vary in taste, texture and color is truly marvelous. If you have never experienced an olive oil tasting, your moment has arrived. 1. The first step is to choose at least two different varieties of high-quality extra virgin olive […]

Frequently asked questions about black olive tree

For some time now I’ve been receiving questions about black olives. Some questions are about the black olive tree, while others are about the degree of ripening that they need to reach before being consumed. The flavor of this type of olive is so distinctive that I’m not surprised to be asked so many questions about […]

Differences between cold-pressed oil and pressed oil.

As you probably know, there are several methods for extracting olive oil from olives. Cold-pressed oil is, without a doubt, the oil that achieves the highest quality in comparison with olive oil obtained through other processes. The temperature at the time of extraction I believe that producing something slowly and calmly is the only way to achieve […]

The importance of olive selection to produce a first class EVOO.

The best olive oil in the world is produced with a raw material of excellent quality and a high degree of respect for the product throughout the production phase. The variety of olive used will give the oil a specific taste and nature. Carapelli varieties Carapelli oils are made from four different varieties with specific characteristics that […]

The most delicious fried dishes with olive oil.

Some people ask me if you can use olive oil to fry, and I always answer the same: as long as it is extra virgin, you not only can but you should use it for frying. These are 3 fried foods that undoubtedly improve when using a premium quality olive oil. Vegetable tempura Vegetable tempura is very simple to make. You […]

The most authentic vinaigrette recipe to dress all your salads.

There are many types of vinaigrette, but to obtain the perfect traditional vinaigrette it is necessary to have an excellent quality olive oil and vinegar to hand, and this will serve to complement their flavors to perfection. From this point on, it is only a matter of adding the right measurements. . Ingredients for the perfect vinaigrette […]

Selecting the best extra virgin olive oil for cooking.

I always try to consume products of the highest quality. One of my greatest joys is eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh meat and fish. Purchasing quality products is essential for creating the greatest culinary delights. Extra virgin olive oil for cooking is therefore fundamental for haute cuisine. Selecting the best olive oil for […]

How can we recognize real olive oil?

How many times have I heard that appearance doesn’t matter? Sometimes this sentence is true, but when it comes to olive oil, its appearance is fundamental. When buying real olive oil it is essential that you observe the product carefully before buying it. What characteristics should a good olive oil have? Bottle Olive oil can be […]

Why is Carapelli one of the most renowned olive oil brands in the world?

Carapelli is one of the leading olive oil brands worldwide. Its oils participate in the most prestigious olive oil quality competitions, in which the company has been awarded gold and silver medals, thanks to the care and skill with which its oils are formulated. It always surprises me to see the production process for Carapelli olive oil: from the […]

The importance of master blenders in making olive oil.

You may wonder if the trees that produce Carapelli olive oil are special, due to their extraordinary taste. The quality of the olive trees is undoubtedly important. But if an olive oil is magnificent, both in nutrients and taste, it is largely thanks to the combination of two essential figures: The Master Oliari, who know […]

Are olives a fruit?

I also used to confuse certain fruits with vegetables because of the ideas associated with each of these types of food. One of these ideas is that the taste of fruit is always sweet; an idea that is not unreasonable, since most fruits are. However, for a food to be considered part of this category, […]

Can you fry chicken in olive oil?

Some people still believe that it’s better to reserve this oil for salads and cold dishes, because they believe it loses its properties when heated and that, therefore, they would be wasting it. But nothing could be further from the truth. As I have already explained previously, not only can you fry with extra virgin […]

How can olive oil look after your defenses?

Bringing together taste, aroma, and nutritional balance in one single dish is an art. That’s why I consider Carapelli olive oil a masterpiece. Its taste is delicious and its nutritional characteristics are magnificent. In this respect, in addition to the many benefits it provides, this olive oil also protects your defenses. STRENGTHEN YOUR DEFENSES WITH […]

How to know if an oil is healthy

For me, health is the most valuable thing. That’s why I make sure that any food I eat is of the highest quality. As each product needs to meet certain requirements in order to be beneficial for health, today I have decided to show you what the parameters are in order to know whether or […]

Is olive oil rich in antioxidants?

Extra virgin olive oil has many health benefits, but are antioxidants among these benefits? Of course! In fact, they are one of the most valuable. I understand that this may be irrelevant to you if you don’t know what the benefits of antioxidants are, so I have decided to tell you why it is so […]

The most delicious recipes made with infused olive oil

You already know that a good infused extra virgin olive oil can elevate your dishes to a higher level. If you still don’t know how best to use this delicacy in your kitchen, today is a good day to start. Here are 3 delicious and simple recipes that will completely transform your dishes. GRILLED SALMON […]

Steps for baking bread with olive oil.

This morning was great weather for a walk, so after visiting my olive grove I decided to take a stroll through the streets of the village. As I walked and enjoyed the morning tranquility, I detected the smell of freshly baked bread, which made me stop and savor it a little longer. I realized it […]

Olive oil vs vegetable oil. Which is healthier?

Olive oil is derived from the fruit of the olive tree: the olive, and thus forms part of the vegetable oil group. Originating from the vegetable kingdom, you might think that all oils belonging to this group are equally healthy. However, this is not the case. Each vegetable oil has properties that make it more […]

What is the acidity level of extra virgin olive oil?

As you well know, olive oil acidity is not related to its taste. Rather, the acidity levels determine whether or not an olive oil is of superior quality, medium quality or one that is not suitable for consumption. The lower the level of acidity, the better the nutritional quality of the oil. WHAT EXACTLY IS […]

How to harvest olives to obtain the best oil?

We all like the taste of olives and olive oil. I find the whole process fascinating: from the moment when the olive tree starts sprouting its first leaves, to the time it bears its first fruits. Everything needs patience, but the first harvest of an olive tree that you have watched grow from nothing is […]

How much saturated fat is in olive oil

As with any oil, olive oil is composed of fatty acids. The difference between olive oil and other kinds of oil is the proportion of the types of fatty acids it contains. As you are well aware, there are two types of fatty acids that are responsible for determining whether or not a product is […]

How long is olive oil good for?

As you already know, all food reaches a moment at which it loses its qualities. In order to know how long olive oil is good for, you need to take various factors into consideration: whether the oil has been filtered; whether it has been refined; and the amount of polyphenols —antioxidants— it contains. The amount […]

The importance of the master oliari choosing the olive tree

Olive trees produce all types of olives, with fruits that achieve absolute perfection and others that don’t finish growing, or that ripen early. As you might imagine, when not all of the olives are good, the oil loses quality. That is why our Oliari Masters are responsible for selecting the very best olives in order […]

Can you fry with olive oil?

We have already discussed the use of olive oil for frying. So I’m sure you will agree with me that extra virgin olive oil is the best oil you can use for frying thanks to its high stability at high temperatures. You may assume that frying in a pan is not the same as using […]

Extra virgin olive oil nutrition facts

I imagine that by now you know what the benefits of consuming olive oil are. I’m not just talking about its delicious aroma, texture and flavor, but also its nutritional properties. As you are well aware, two tablespoons of olive oil is the ideal amount for achieving and maintaining impeccable cardiovascular health. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE […]

What are the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet?

As you no doubt already know, the Mediterranean diet has a multitude of health benefits, especially for your cardiovascular health. I am a true lover of this diet, not just because it is healthy but also because it is the diet that best suits me and the one that I enjoy the most. Today I […]

Organic olive oil, a trend in oils on the market

For some time now there has been more awareness of the need to care for the environment, as well as the human body. You’re sure to be well acquainted with the concept of organic food, which is sometimes also referred to as ‘ecological’ food. ORGANIC OLIVE OIL, A TREND IN OILS ON THE MARKET For […]

Can you use olive oil in a cake?

Many people still don’t know that there’s a healthy way to prepare desserts: by using extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. You’ve most probably heard about sponge cake made with olive oil, but you can use olive oil to make other cakes too, and the result is delicious.. CAN YOU USE OLIVE OIL IN […]

What is the olive oil boiling point?

All liquids have a boiling point. I’m sure you have observed on countless occasions how water bubbles wrestle to the surface and then transform into steam when the water boils. Something similar to this happens with olive oil. The olive oil boiling point is reached at around 180ºC (356ºF), a high temperature when compared with […]

Is olive oil dressing good for your health?

After years of experience in the kitchen, I’ve come to the conclusion that the dressing that goes down the best and that adds the perfect touch to my dishes is olive oil dressing. Another good thing about it is that you can vary its flavor if you add other condiments that pair perfectly with the […]

How long does it take an olive tree to bear fruit?

Throughout the time that we’ve know each other, I’ve written lots about virgin olive oil: its properties, how to eat it, and other interesting facts. Nevertheless, I’ve told you little about the plant they come from: the olive tree. The truth is that nowadays we don’t know much about the raw material of most of […]

Is it healthy to fry with olive oil?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN OLIVE OIL HEATS UP? Many food products lose their properties when heated. Some of them even change at the molecu-lar level and can become toxic. Frying with extra virgin olive oil gives your food a very pleasant taste, as well as enriching it with its multiple properties (such as vitamins and antioxidants). […]

How much oleic acid is there in olive oil?

OLEIC ACID AND IT’S BENEFITS The monosaturated fatty acid par excellence– part of the Omega 9 family – is oleic acid. This is mainly found in vegetable oils, although not all of them retain the same amounts. If you would like to know how much oleic acid there is in olive oil, I can tell […]

Our best EVOO – Extra Virgin olive oils reviewed

LET YOUR PALATE ENJOY THE FINEST All our oils are of the highest quality, and it is hard to crown one as the best. I’ve been thinking about which of them could be the best EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), and after tirelessly trying all of them, I’ve chosen the three that, in my opinion, […]

Why is olive oil good for you?

I imagine that, like me, you enjoy the taste of top quality extra virgin olive oil. Feeling the density, the aroma and the aftertaste that it leaves on the palate is a favorite obsession of mine. This is something obvious, but there is something else that cannot be perceived so easily: why is olive oil […]

Uses of olive oil in the kitchen

I was thinking about the different ways olive oil can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes, and I just had to list them. I couldn’t be more in favor of this product; you just have to see how versatile and healthy it is. It is wonderful how it can be used both […]

What’s the Difference Between virgin vs extra virgin olive oil?

We all know that there are three different types of olive oil: olive oil, virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Nevertheless, not everyone knows the difference between them. If you like olive oil as much as I do then it’s important that you know these differences so you can always choose the one […]

Is it good to heat up extra virgin olive oil?

The most common use of extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly in its raw form; for example, it is widely used in salads, seasonings and sauces. It is rumored that this oil should not be used to cook hot dishes. Nevertheless, nothing could be further from the truth. You can cook with extra virgin olive […]

What is a ketogenic diet?

One of the diets that is a huge success nowadays is known as the ketogenic diet or the keto diet. The first time that I heard about it, I was very interested: it goes against most existing diets as its key theme is eating “fatty” foods to lose weight. Why is the ketogenic diet effective? […]

What countries are the main producers of olive oil?

Olive oil is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, and the name clearly hints at where it is produced. The territory is none other than the Mediterranean basin. But do you know which countries are the largest producers of the extra virgin olive oil you consume on a daily basis? I’ll tell […]

Olive oil calories and nutritional information

I believe it is essential to know what I’m eating, particularly where packaged products are concerned. Healthy eating is paramount. As you are also interested in what you’re consuming, I want to tell you a bit about the nutritional value of olive oil. ARE THERE MANY CALORIES IN OLIVE OIL? As a starting point, I’m […]

How many varieties of olive tree are there?

Each gender, over the years, has adapted to be in the optimal conditions to survive. Thanks to that, we can enjoy a great wealth of olive trees. Are there more than 10 varieties of olive tree? Yes, and I always find it surprising that a single tree can have so many varieties. Having said that, […]

Why is extra virgin olive oil healthy?

The topic of extra virgin olive oil came up when I was at lunch recently. Everyone I was there with knew that olive oil was healthy, but they didn’t all know the reasons why. That left me thinking, and I decided it would be a good idea to write down the reasons why extra virgin […]

Are black olives healthy?

I am sure at some point you have been curious as to why there are two types of olives: green and black. When I first started getting acquainted with Mediterranean cuisine, it was one of the first questions I had. I thought they must be from different families of olive tree, but I was wrong. […]

When should you use extra virgin olive oil??

As you know, extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest and most delicious olive oil there is. Adding this type of olive oil to my meals is one of the things I most enjoy in life. With that in mind, today I’d like to tell you how I usually use extra virgin olive oil. In […]

How to infuse olive oil

I love all aspects of the taste of olive oil: whether natural, aromatic or infused. I’m sure you feel the same way. Whilst natural olive oil is the taste of family tradition, an aromatic or infused oil completely transforms the flavor of your dishes. I have my own recipes for infused olive oils and have […]

Is olive oil good for cooking?

That’s right, dear Reader. As well as being the most delicious oil available, it is also one of the healthiest, whether raw or cooked. Personally, I cook daily with this type of oil to help me stay healthy and keep in shape. Just two tablespoons of olive oil per day is enough for your body […]

Complete Mediterranean diet food list

It has been known for several years now that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet there is. It’s true, we all understand this, but do you know which foods feature in the Mediterranean diet and why they are so healthy? Today I’d like to show you the Mediterranean diet food list. Because it’s more […]

Does olive oil contain Vitamin E?

Olive oil, which I use for cooking on a daily basis, is one of the most complete foods around. For instance, it’s rich in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants. But what many people wonder (that may include you) is whether olive oil contains Vitamin E? The answer is clearly yes: extra virgin olive oil is a […]

What does cold pressed olive oil really mean?

In the world of olive oil we often hear the expression ‘cold pressed’ or ‘cold extracted’. But as consumers we may not really understand what this means. As a result, doubts may arise on whether it is good quality or whether it has any value added. I’ll provide an explanation of what it means to […]

Characteristics that make Carapelli different

I’m glad you’ve come here. You are most likely a regular consumer of extra virgin olive oil or are starting to get used to liquid gold. Today I’ll speak about the characteristics that make Carapelli’s EVOO different. They should finish winning you over. SIMPLY MASTERS There is no hay better guarantee than 125 years of […]

What makes the Mediterranean diet so healthy?

I’m not the only one saying it. Expert nutritionists all over the world acknowledge the fact that the Mediterranean diet is perfect for our health. We find extra virgin olive oil at the core of this culinary lifestyle and we know about its benefits. But of course EVOO goes along with many other products. So […]

How many calories do olives have?

Olives are a classic in the Mediterranean cuisine. Both for consumption and for producing olive oil. In these days we want to take care of ourselves with a healthy diet and we want to know about our calorie intake. Today I’ll specifically mention the calories contained in olives and their nutritional properties. WHAT ARE THE […]

How to use extra virgin olive oil when you’re cooking

I enjoy cooking at home, more and more every day. I follow the traditional recipes from my family and (provided I can and know how to) try to give them a personal touch or make inroads into modern cuisine. Surely you are interested in gastronomy and you like to spend time cooking in the kitchen. […]

Eight health benefits of the Mediterranean diet

Flavor, health, variety … The Mediterranean diet enjoys worldwide fame thanks to all the culinary possibilities it allows and the many different foods it comprises, and extra virgin olive oil just happens to be its star product. Considering all the qualities of liquid gold and its central role in this diet, just think of all […]

Is it safe to cook with olive oil?

I’m sure that, just like me, you love to cook, trying out new products and flavors, creating dishes using the ingredients at hand in your refrigerator … Now it’s normal for you to wonder at times whether it’s safe to cook with olive oil and whether your dishes will be up to the standard you […]

Extra virgin olive oil: the most common aromas and flavors

As I have already written in the lines making up this blog, there are many different olive varieties. As you are aware, this leads to a number of different nuances in the world of EVOO. I have not yet written about the aromas and flavors provided by these different types of olives. I’ll start out […]

Olive oil extraction methods

Oil freaks such as you and I are always eager to learn new details of how the liquid gold we cherish makes it to our table. In the next few lines I will tell you about the extraction process used to obtain olive oil. You will learn why it is of such high quality, but […]

The most common defects in Olive oil

As with any food, when it comes to olive oil you and I always look for top quality. It is essential to know when a product is in better or poorer condition, but the fact is that with liquid gold it is not always easy to find its defects. Today I’ll try and help you […]

Smoothies with extra virgin olive oil

I think you would agree with me if I said that the food you eat is the first way to take care of your health. Over the last few months I have written at length about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Today, however, I will focus on a drink that originated in the tropics, […]

The art of Italian cuisine: a tasting filled with mastery

It is impressive how the typical foods of a small corner of the planet have gradually extended throughout the world. Virtually anywhere you go you will find typical Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta and lasagna. Even though this is a recurring fact, Italian food is so bountiful thanks to its long history. Today I […]

The most common mistakes when using and conserving olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the main pillar of the Mediterranean diet and we should take care of it the way it deserves. Such a valuable product is worth our attention both when conserving it and when using it for cooking. Today I’ll share a few tips to make your oil last longer in optimal […]

Olive varieties: the raw materials of the Master Blenders

In the heart of Tuscany, where the Mediterranean Sea nurtures olive groves with its climate, the wisdom of the world of olive oil has been handed down from one generation to the next. Nowadays the Master Blenders are the ones who put all their know-how into making the best extra virgin olive oil. Today I […]

Olive oil in molecular cuisine: from tradition to innovation

All the tradition that goes into olive oil extraction is perfectly supplemented by maximum culinary innovation. From a product with centuries of history behind it, our liquid gold, to techniques born just a few decades back. It’s not the first time I stress the compatibility between the flavor we all know and present-day textures. As […]

How to present food on dishes or how to make a plate masterpiece

Creativity on a dish is an invitation for the senses. It is part of culinary enjoyment: it raises your expectations before taking choice morsels to your mouth. For me it is of the utmost importance when entertaining at home. Not only because of the distinct appearance of a well presented dish, but because your guests […]

Is a bitter, spicy extra virgin olive oil a poor quality product?

The answer is no. It may occur that the spicy and slightly bitter taste you get from extra virgin (always extra virgin) oil can lead to confusion, but it’s actually something that attests to the good quality of the oil. Those nuances are contributed by the polyphenol and natural antioxidants. In other words, contrary to […]

A route through Tuscany: 23 unmissable places to visit

Cast away your watch, your worries and the incoming messages on your Smartphone. Brush everything aside because today you and I are going on a tour around Tuscany. No rush, no schedule. Time to drift along the hills, the Renaissance architecture, the works of its painters, the culinary heritage… with 23 unmissable places to visit. […]

How to decorate your Christmas table and surprise your family

I adore Christmas. I love the fact that the family gets together to tell stories about the past year and disclose their wishes for the next 365 days. It’s a day of celebration in which everything has to be special. An essential secret to making everything different is how you decorate your table. This year […]

All about olive oil

There are many questions that may arise regarding olive oil. It is a natural product that has been highly prized since time immemorial. Today is the right time to sit down with you and answer the most frequent questions concerning our liquid gold. 1. WHAT IS EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL? An olive oil is extra […]

Four recipes to make the most of your Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I have to admit that I indulge in spending time enjoying a good recipe with the best products. I lack the words to describe the pleasure I feel. I can’t find in language a way to express what it is to feel flavor. It can be helpful, however, to share these four fantastic recipes with […]

What you need to know about choosing extra virgin olive oil before you buy it

Choosing the perfect extra virgin olive oil for your kitchen is not as simple as it may seem. Versatile flavor, different aromas, different degrees of spiciness and fruitiness, filtered or unfiltered … In the paragraphs below I’ll tell you the details you must pay attention to and some tricks for choosing and buying the best […]

21st Century Artisans: the new masters

There was a time when I thought craftsmanship was fading away. I saw it as being more industrial, colder, less romantic, less creative, not so different. That was my perception. Lately, however, I have come to realize that there is a revival. Adapted to today, craftsmanship is back. I have researched some of these 21st […]

The art of being a foodie: How to take pictures of food for Instagram

We love pictures of food. We indulge in artistically sharing what we are about to devour. I have a soft spot for these types of pictures. Photographs taken with a cell phone can be very creative and yummy. That’s why I’ve checked out some experts, and I’d like to share some tips on how to […]