Best organic olive oil

There is nothing quite like a food that creates space in your fast-paced lifestyle for savoring its exquisite flavor. The best organic olive oil is an oil that is wholly dedicated to Mother Nature and which has organoleptic and nutritional qualities that are connected with the essence of the earth.

What characteristics does an organic oil have?

• The herbicides, fertilizers and/or pesticides used in the olive groves are completely natural.

• The amount of water used for crops and throughout the production process is controlled in order to respect the earth’s resources.

• It is made in a way that is perfect for lovers of natural, healthy and flavorful nutrition.

How is the best organic olive oil made?

To create the best organic olive oil, respect for the olive tree begins from the very first moment. This means caring for the tree throughout its growth without altering its surrounding environment. This admiration for the tree can also be detected when harvesting the fruit and going through the subsequent olive oil extraction process.

In addition, this wonderful oil must have a harmonious and balanced flavor to perfectly combine it with any kind of recipe.

The slow rhythm with which it is made generates some moments for savoring it, unhurriedly, and brings back a revived feeling of creation. Masterpieces take time. The best organic olive oil is, without a doubt, Carapelli Organic, made in such a way that respect for the earth and love for great oil can be appreciated when it is tasted.