Something you need to know about EVOO in food.

The quality of a great meal is captured in the flavors that touch the palate. Sure you know that cooking with extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest way to prepare your recipes, but did you know that EVOO in food also enhances the flavors of your dishes, raising their culinary status?

Frying with extra virgin olive oil, for example, creates perfect fried dishes. The consistency and high stability of olive oil are essential to achieve a crispy crust without an excessive flavor of oil, since the oil is not absorbed easily. The end result is a spectacular fried dish. Using sunflower oil produces a very different result: sunflower oil always gives fried dishes the same flavor due to an excess absorption of this oil in foods.

Another key point about EVOO in food is the wonderful pairing of different varieties of oils with certain specific foods. The aroma of an olive oil, far from overwhelming the flavor of foods, enhances and complements their flavor. This is the secret of all our recipes: a great pairing of the oil I use with specific dishes. Cooking with butter or other kinds of oil does not have this flavor-enhancing effect; on the contrary, recipes can be rather lacking in variety in terms of flavor.

Considering all the benefits of extra virgin olive oil on top of its exquisite flavor leaves us with no doubt. That is why this food is known as ‘liquid gold’: using EVOO in food is a true treasure to behold.