What is saturated fat? Is it good or bad?

What is saturated fat? Is it good or bad?

Anybody interested in the world of health is bound to be familiar with the term “saturated fat”. To understand exactly what saturated fat is and to know whether or not it’s healthy, it’s essential to understand its composition and its effects on our health.

Saturated fats are made up of triglycerides. The type of fatty acid they consist of have no double bond between their molecules, resulting in the foods that contain these fats being solid at room temperature.

This type of lipid increases LDL cholesterol: that is, the low density cholesterol that is harmful to the body. Consuming this type of excess fat, therefore, increases the risk of developing heart and cerebrovascular diseases, as cholesterol accumulates in the arteries. As you can see, having an understanding of what saturated fat is is essential for good health care.

¿What is saturated fat, is it good or bad? Consumed excessively, it is harmful. Our recommendation is that you avoid consuming saturated fats every day. Modify your diet and consume fats such as Carapelli extra virgin olive oil, where you’ll find that great taste and good health go together.

Sources of saturated fat

Saturated fats are generally those derived from the animal world. There are some exceptions, however: they can also be found in plants such as palm oil and coconut oil. Reducing the consumption of these foods is vital for our health:

• Red meat

• Chicken skin

• Full fat dairy products

• Butter

• Lard

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