Dawn, freshly mowed grass and clear seas come together in this masterpiece.

This combination of different varieties of quality olives is unique and pays tribute to the different tones of the Mediterranean basin. Every ray of sun that shines on the olive groves adds strength and character to this special selection.

Olive Variety


The Kalamata is a dark table variety originally from Greece.

Olive Variety


The Verdial olive variety from Badajoz ripens late. It is asymmetric, elongated and egg-shaped.

Olive Variety


The egg-shaped Gordal Sevillana olive is slightly asymmetric.

Olive Variety


Manzanilla olives of the Seville variety ripen early.

Olive Variety


The Manzanilla Cacereña olive is ripe when it turns black.

Tasting Notes Olive

Mélange Olives


Green Olives: Brilliant, even yellowish-green color. The exact shade depends on the variety.

Black Olives: Even purple or black color, depending on the variety.


Firm, neither stringy nor grainy.

Aroma and Flavor

Green olives are characterized by their slightly bitter, salty taste while black olives have a bit of a spicy kick. Meticulous processing ensures that the result is free from unpleasant flavors or aromas.

How is

Sunny Mélange made?

The green varieties that give this exquisite dish its personality are Verdial, Gordal and Manzanilla, along with the Mediterranean-sun-ripened black varieties Kalamata and Cacereña. Lupins and natural, chopped red pepper round out this dish.
On a sensory level, the pleasant aroma of red pepper stands out. To the palate, this dish allows each variety’s characteristics to be enjoyed along with their individual flavors and textures.

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