We’ve captured the flavor, color, and the special essence of Andalusia.

It’s dawn in Andalusia, and the scent of orange blossoms permeates the soul, filling it with energy. This Andalusian character can be savored in every olive in this preparation. To create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece, we harvest the olives at the peak of ripeness and pair them with the highest quality foods to create innovative flavors.

Olive Variety


The Gordal olive from Seville is slightly asymmetric and egg-shaped. It’s harvested when green. If left to ripen, it turns blackish. It stands out and is particularly prized for its size.

Tasting Notes Olive

à l’Andalouse


Brilliant, even yellowish-green color.


Firm, neither stringy nor grainy.

Aroma and Flavor

Gordal olives are a characteristic product. They are slightly bitter and salty. Meticulous processing ensures that the result is free from unpleasant flavors or aromas.

How are Olives

à l’Andalouse made?

The character of this masterpiece is obtained using the boneless Gordal variety. Very appreciated for its large size and flavor. This specific mix of ingredients creates a tasty, unique dish.
Oregano and cumin, both typical of dressings in Andalusia, enhance the scent and flavor of this masterpiece.
This exquisite creation also includes garlic, bay leaves, paprika and pepper.

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Our Master Blenders and Master Oliari enhance our quality process. Internally, we strive for a higher degree of excellence in order to create perfect masterpieces.