The force of nature ready to be tasted.

The magnificent land of Provence in the south of France is credited for giving these olives their unique character. We harvest the olives at the peak of ripeness and pair them with the highest quality foods to create innovative flavors.

Olive Variety


The Kalamata is a dark table variety originally from Greece. It is considered a product of exceptional quality due to its sensory characteristics. Its name comes from the city of Kalamata in the south of the Peloponnese peninsula.

Tasting Notes Olive

à la provençale


Even purple or black color.


Firm, neither stringy nor grainy.

Aroma and Flavor

This olive is distinguished by its characteristic aroma and flavor, typical of natural black olives. Their lightly bitter, salty taste sets them apart from other olives. Meticulous processing ensures that the result is free from unpleasant flavors or aromas.

How are Olives

à la Provençale made?

To create this delicious combination, we mix oregano and thyme leaves with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These succulent ingredients result in a balanced blend when added to Kalamata olives. Savor this creation which stands out for its meatiness, slight sweetness, almond shape and dark purple color.

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Our Master Blenders and Master Oliari enhance our quality process. Internally, we strive for a higher degree of excellence in order to create perfect masterpieces.