When the sun shines on Italy, the pillars of the Renaissance are revived.

Time goes by more slowly and it is the perfect time to savor the small pleasures of life. This Italian-inspired dish includes carefully selected, high-quality traditional ingredients that enhance its exquisite flavor.

Olive Variety


The fine Manzanilla olive from Seville turns wine red as it ripens.

The Manzanilla olive is ideal for eating cured. Its flavor, size and appearance are highly appealing.

Tasting Notes Olive

à la calabraise


Brilliant, even yellowish-green color.


Firm, neither stringy nor grainy.

Aroma and Flavor

These olives, with their distinctive aroma and flavor, are lightly bitter and salty when ripe. Meticulous processing ensures that the result is free from unpleasant flavors or aromas.

How are Olives

à la Calabraise made?

The superlative Manzanilla variety is combined with selected ingredients, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pepper, garlic, sweet paprika and spices for an end product with a balanced flavor, aroma and texture and uniform olive size.

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