What countries are the main producers of olive oil?

Olive oil is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, and the name clearly hints at where it is produced. The territory is none other than the Mediterranean basin. But do you know which countries are the largest producers of the extra virgin olive oil you consume on a daily basis? I’ll tell you a bit more.


The famous Mediterranean diet has its rationale. The countries that stand out most for growing and harvesting the olives used to make olive oil are Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunisia and Portugal. Of these countries, Spain stands out as the largest producer.

Thanks to the quality of our olive groves and the tradition of producing olive oil, we have accumulated mastery and know how, for instance at Carapelli. We are able to enjoy the aromas, nuances and characteristic flavor of olive oil. Today this culture is spreading beyond borders and increasingly reaching more people.


First of all, due to the weather conditions, which are ideal for growing olives. On the other hand, thanks to the qualities of the soil. Both these features create the perfect combination to produce the purest olive juice you can imagine.

At Carapelli, when it comes to selecting the best olives, our Master Oliari visit all the olive groves and oil mills to seek out the best oils. Our master blenders are in charge of combining the oils from the different types of olives. This is possible thanks to the wisdom and heritage encapsulated in over 125 years of the finest craft.

With the main producers of our favorite extra virgin olive oil just around the corner, next on the list is enjoying all the nuances of EVOO in every one of our dishes.