What are the key ingredients of the Mediterranean diet?

As you no doubt already know, the Mediterranean diet has a multitude of health benefits, especially for your cardiovascular health. I am a true lover of this diet, not just because it is healthy but also because it is the diet that best suits me and the one that I enjoy the most. Today I am here to tell you all about the Mediterranean diet food pyramid, so that you can more easily access and enjoy this glorious way of life just as much as I do.

Taking care of your body

When I stroll through the olive grove, I’m not just admiring the beauty of the olive trees and taking in the fragrance of their fruits, I’m also doing it as a daily physical activity. Moving the body is vital for healthy living, and it’s for this reason that the foundation of this pyramid focuses on keeping the body moving.

Aside from that, drinking fluids such as water or infusion drinks is essential to stay well hydrated and to have optimal digestive function.

In the Mediterranean diet food pyramid, what foods should you consume?

At each main meal time you should consume one or two fruits —preferably half an hour before starting your meal. A large quantity of fruit, olive oil and cereals —the more that can be whole grains, the better— is added to the base of the Mediterranean diet food pyramid. You can add a special touch to your dishes with herbs, spices, garlic and onion to draw out their flavors.

A daily intake of olives (such as Carapelli’s Peranzana or Taggiasca), nuts and seeds is encouraged. These are also ideal snack foods for satisfying hunger. It is also recommended that you consume dairy products such as yogurt and cheese, but without overindulging.

Eat fish, seafood, white meat, eggs and legumes twice a week. It’s a good idea to only eat red meat, sausages and potatoes once a week, and to reserve sweet foods such as desserts and ice cream for very special occasions.

As you can see, no foods are prohibited, they are merely limited in their consumption. If you base your meals on vegetables, olive oil and cereals you will notice more energy, vitality and lightness in your body, while enjoying a superb meal.