Four recipes to make the most of your Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I have to admit that I indulge in spending time enjoying a good recipe with the best products. I lack the words to describe the pleasure I feel. I can’t find in language a way to express what it is to feel flavor. It can be helpful, however, to share these four fantastic recipes with you. Not only will you enjoy their taste–cooking them is also lots of fun.

You know I am devoted to gastronomy, particularly when extra virgin olive oil takes to the stage. Now in the fall is the time of the year when earth colors come to the fore. This connection to nature brings to mind organic olive oil, extracted from ecological farming.

This liquid gold is exceptional for anyone believing in healthy, tasty nutrition, thanks to its harmonious and balanced taste. Please allow me to share with you my four recipes to be enjoyed at the table (and in the kitchen).


Looking at the picture makes me want to try out this recipe filled with many of Mother Nature’s vegetables. Tiffany, a professional chef, perfectly combines Carapelli Organic extra virgin olive oil with the flavors of different vegetables and the base made using ricotta cheese.

As she tells us in her ‘Parsnips and Pastries’ blog, you can use whatever vegetables you like most. Your palate will always appreciate this versatility. I have this recipe on my list of favorites.


Don’t worry if you’re a vegan. I’ve thought about you when making this recipe. At ‘The live-in kitchen’ website they’ve called this dish “a savory little miracle, full of healthy veggies, protein, and flavor.” Not much more to add (except a dash of organic extra virgin oil once you finish the recipe).

Besides, it’s very easy to prepare this in your oven. The tips they give us will make it even tastier, aside from how healthy it is. Enjoying food while eating healthily makes it twice as enjoyable for me. What about you?


In this dish, Carapelli Organic extra virgin olive oil pairs perfectly with the red peppers that are the basis of the recipe, making it sweeter. I must add that the oil adds to the final creamy touch, giving it a soft, velvety texture.

Here is a totally healthy, vegan recipe, which makes the most of a minimal number of ingredients. Dear reader, if you know how to combine flavors you’ll be able to supplement this creamy soup with other ingredients to add your own input to the dish.


I’ll end my list with a dish that has the kind of Italian pasta that I love so much. This time around it’s prepared with tomatoes, adding vodka as a surprise factor that helps release the acid from the tomatoes. In this way, the balanced flavor of the organic extra virgin is more present on your palate.

By the way, this dish goes perfectly well with a rocket salad, or with fennel or celery. That’s the advice they give us at the ‘Platings and pairings’ website. Of course you know what my final touch is for the salad. A good dash of extra virgin olive oil.

I hope this list will inspire you to take note of new ideas and incorporate them to your kitchen while you enjoy preparing these delightful dishes. I already feel like dropping by the market to select the best ingredients and relax while I’m cooking, activating my senses when I savor these recipes, either alone or with loved ones. I think I feel a bit hungry!