Why is Carapelli one of the most renowned olive oil brands in the world?

Carapelli is one of the leading olive oil brands worldwide. Its oils participate in the most prestigious olive oil quality competitions, in which the company has been awarded gold and silver medals, thanks to the care and skill with which its oils are formulated.

It always surprises me to see the production process for Carapelli olive oil: from the planting of the olive trees all the way through to the packaging, everything is taken care of down to the last detail. This is due to Carapelli’s unwavering commitment to achieving the best organoleptic and nutritional properties. In so doing, it limits itself to producing solely extra virgin olive oil.

Other olive oil brands prefer to obtain a lot of oil in a short time and use mechanical collection methods. But, as you well know, each olive ripens at a different rate. Olives that are not at their best when harvested can totally alter the taste of the oil. That is why Carapelli works with the master oliari, who recognize the exact ripening point of each olive and then harvest them, one by one, at the optimum moment.

Carapelli also has master blenders in charge of tasting the olive oils obtained from specific olive varieties, and who combine these varieties to create true works of art: extra virgin olive oil with perfect organoleptic properties.

This is how Carapelli has gathered together a collection of different extra virgin olive oils, each created for pairing with specific foods. That is why it is one of the most outstanding olive oil brands, because it helps to transform a traditional recipe into a culinary masterpiece.

The care and quality that remains throughout the entire production process can be tasted from the oil’s very first contact with the palate. Carapelli oils undoubtedly have a supreme quality that emanates from the moment the bottle is opened.

Source: NCBI