Uses of olive oil in the kitchen

I was thinking about the different ways olive oil can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes, and I just had to list them. I couldn’t be more in favor of this product; you just have to see how versatile and healthy it is. It is wonderful how it can be used both raw and heated up, and how it gives such fantastic, healthy and varied results.


1. Olive oil is a part of my diet right from the early morning. I personally love to wake up, go to the kitchen and smell freshly toasted bread combined with olive oil. If I want to add something fresh, I also spread on some crushed tomato. And if I feel like something sweet, the combination of oil with marmalade or honey is the perfect way to start the day.

2. The most common use of olive oil is as a dressing for salads and cold dishes. It’s true that the combination of fresh vegetables with this liquid delicacy is perfect for hot days and to achieve a balanced diet that is low in calories.

3. And what about gazpacho? This super refreshing, vitamin rich drink is one of my favorite summer moments. It is also present in cold and warm soups.

4. “Detox” shakes are also the order of the day. The mix of extra olive oil and pineapple and ginger is fantastic for detoxing the body, as well as being a delicious mix. Or a shake with olive oil, lemon juice, spinach, ginger and apple is another option for detoxing and enjoying yourself. This is one of the most innovative olive oil uses to date.

5. Sauces are also often made using extra virgin olive oil. For example, you can make egg or garlic mayonnaise or chimichurri to accompany your favorite dishes.


1. Extra virgin olive oil is fantastic for dishes that you eat with a spoon, like soups; it gives them that homemade taste I like so much.

2. On the other hand, frying with extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest option for eating fried food, owing to the stability of this oil: it doesn’t lose its properties at high temperatures or become toxic, unlike other oils.

3. A splash of olive oil for making any fried dish is a cooking staple. Whether vegetables, meat, chicken or fish, the result is magnificent.

I could keep talking for hours about the many uses of olive oil that exist. But I think that one thing is now clear: olive oil is an essential in the kitchen, owing to its versatility. Given its excellent properties, and the number of things that you can do with it, choosing the best oil is always a wise move.

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