The importance of the master oliari choosing the olive tree

Olive trees produce all types of olives, with fruits that achieve absolute perfection and others that don’t finish growing, or that ripen early. As you might imagine, when not all of the olives are good, the oil loses quality. That is why our Oliari Masters are responsible for selecting the very best olives in order to achieve a premium olive oil.

How are the best olive trees selected?

If you have strolled through an olive grove before, you will know how it feels to walk among leafy trees that release that wonderful aroma. The best olive trees are those whose fruit reach the optimal ripening point without any setbacks. Oliari Masters observe the natural cycle and select the best fruits from the best trees.

When the olives have reached their maximum growth, are still green and have a perfect oval shape, they will be selected. These olives ensure that an olive oil with a delicious flavor and maximum quality is produced.

Sliced fresh bread for dipping and enjoying with extra virgin olive oil.

The picking of olives is not just a craft, it is an art form in which tradition plays a major part. A quality olive oil is a delicacy which requires experts who are able to recognize the beauty and perfection of a fruit. We depend on our Oliari Masters because we strive to produce olive oils that are works of art.