The importance of master blenders in making olive oil.

You may wonder if the trees that produce Carapelli olive oil are special, due to their extraordinary taste. The quality of the olive trees is undoubtedly important. But if an olive oil is magnificent, both in nutrients and taste, it is largely thanks to the combination of two essential figures:

  • The Master Oliari, who know how to assess the fruit from the olive grove,and who perfectly understand the exact point of the olive for making olive oil, and
  • The master blenders, who blend various types of olive oil to achieve the superb taste that is characteristic of our oils.


You’re sure to have tasted many varieties of extra virgin olive oil, and you may have noticed that this unique product can achieve incredibly diverse flavors. This is because each olive oil is made from a blend of oils derived from different varieties of olive trees. This blending makes an olive oil unique.

Those in charge of this task in making Carapelli extra virgin olive oil are the master blenders. They create works of art with the extra virgin olive oil obtained from our trees, located in the best spots of the Mediterranean and comprising more than twenty-five varieties.

They perfect the art through blending these different varieties, each with its own intensity and unique flavor. Our oils thereby achieve a perfectly balanced aroma, body and flavor, with an unparalleled variety of nuances.

The master blender plays an essential role in making olive oil. When you find an olive oil that has a supreme flavor, with unique organoleptic qualities, it is thanks to an excellent master blender. They are the artists who produce works of art: Carapelli extra virgin olive oils.