The best olive tree plant according to Master Oliari.

As you already know, the Master Oliari select the trees that produce the best olives. The quality of the raw material forms the basis of the quality of the final product, and not just any old olive tree plant is able to produce a superior olive oil.

Characteristics of a great olive tree

The Master Oliari carefully choose the olives that will be processed to become EVOO. In order to do this, they take into consideration a set of circumstances—including temperature, the condition of the land in which they are planted and their development—when making their selection.

• Ambient temperature

The large number of olive tree plant varieties means some survive better in cooler environments and others in warmer ones. Generally speaking, olive trees best develop at a temperature of between 10ºC (50ºF) and 30ºC (86ºF).

If temperatures fall below 10ºC (50ºF), olive trees enter a winter rest period. On the other hand, at temperatures greater than 30ºC (86ºF) olive trees stop developing. The Master Oliari observe temperature fluctuations throughout the year to make sure they can identify the best olive trees.

• The land

It is true that the olive tree plant has a certain hardiness that enables it to take root in various types of soil. Not all soils, however, are ideal for olive tree development, and the type of soil affects the quality of the fruit. To produce top-quality olives, the trees must be planted on lands with loamy textures and good drainage, in order to avoid root asphyxia.

In addition, the soil must have a pH value of pH7 to achieve optimal olive tree development. In order to prevent the fruit from becoming toxic, it is essential that the soil isn’t acidic.

Manual harvesting of olives in an olive grove

• Healthy development

Just like any plant, the olive tree plant is susceptible to pests and diseases that need to be eradicated in time. It is important for eradication methods to protect environmental health and to avoid modifying the quality of the fruit.

The Master Oliari consider the full range of variables before identifying the olive trees that are in top condition, and they select the olives from those trees at the perfect point of ripeness. This is how they manage to produce Carapelli EVOO: using top quality raw material.