Characteristics that make Carapelli different

I’m glad you’ve come here. You are most likely a regular consumer of extra virgin olive oil or are starting to get used to liquid gold. Today I’ll speak about the characteristics that make Carapelli’s EVOO different. They should finish winning you over.


There is no hay better guarantee than 125 years of experience in the art of making extra virgin olive oil. Generation after generation to achieve mastery in each and every one of the processes. From the olive groves to the bottle at your home.

Carapelli’s master oliari and blenders are the ones responsible for the excellence of their extra virgin olive oil. They go through every olive grove and every pressing mill to select the best raw materials, to get to know the smallest detail of each variety, combining the different flavors until reaching absolutely unique nuances, ensuring that the whole process meets the strictest quality standards.

This experience has been passed down through the generations and we currently have a team of master blenders who are able to select the best olive groves in the Mediterranean region. Only in this way do we achieve the results you know–an extra virgin olive oil with outstanding nuances and aromas.

Over the years, Carapelli has stood out as a pioneering company. Back in the day, thanks to their know-how their extra virgin oils reached consumers’ tables and became a popular household product. Now Carapelli takes it one step further. Now it’s not just an extra virgin oil. Now Carapelli provides a genuine culinary experience.


Passion is a key factor and at Carapelli it is always present. The masters put their heart into every stage of the process. I assure you that you can taste that passion. Besides this, every profile in the range matches perfectly with certain foods and tastes, increasing and enhancing the experience.

Not just any type of olive will take you to such a high standard. The only way to get there is by using the best varieties of olives, and those that are in the best condition.

This comprehensive selection yields an extra virgin olive oil with acidity at 0.5 degrees (our internal standard). And the olives are always cold pressed, at a temperature of no more than 27° C (80° F). This allows all the properties of this product to be conserved, making it even purer.

These and many other characteristics make every Carapelli extra virgin olive oil a masterpiece that you can indulge in. Use it to create more works of art on the canvas set before you in every dish you prepare. Enjoy it!