Can you fry chicken in olive oil?

Some people still believe that it’s better to reserve this oil for salads and cold dishes, because they believe it loses its properties when heated and that, therefore, they would be wasting it. But nothing could be further from the truth. As I have already explained previously, not only can you fry with extra virgin olive oil, but you should fry with this oil. That is why the answer to the question is: yes, you can fry chicken in extra virgin olive oil.


Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most stable vegetable oils. This means that it maintains its properties, even though it is repeatedly subjected to high temperatures. Even so, it is necessary to check that the oil does not exceed 392ºF, because after this point it can start to smoke. If this happens, it is best to change the oil, as it may have burned.

It’s also true that you can’t fry chicken in extra virgin olive oil at any temperature if you want it to be at its best.The ideal temperature for frying both chicken and meat is 320ºF, including when breaded or battered.

So, the best friend you can have when it comes to frying is a kitchen thermometer so that your dishes keep all their nutrients and are fried with the highest quality. Extra virgin olive oil will also give them an outstanding flavor.