Are olives a fruit?

I also used to confuse certain fruits with vegetables because of the ideas associated with each of these types of food. One of these ideas is that the taste of fruit is always sweet; an idea that is not unreasonable, since most fruits are.

However, for a food to be considered part of this category, it must correspond to certain physical and biological concepts, and not so much its taste. So, before revealing whether or not olives are a fruit, I would like to share with you in detail the parameters that make a fruit considered as such.


A fruit is, quite simply, the part of a plant that protects and stores one or more seeds. This definition indicates that cucumbers, pumpkins, avocados, eggplants and tomatoes are fruits, even though most people consider them vegetables.

As you are well aware, olives consist of a fleshy part —from where the olive oil is extracted— which surrounds a stone, protecting it. That is why olives are a fruit.

When I see certain definitions I am often surprised at how much that definition can encompass. So I would understand if you were amazed and even surprised by what you have just read. Enjoy the delicious fruit of the olive tree with Carapelli, a food that is full of nutrients and has a magnificent taste.