4 benefits of olives that will make you want to eat them every day

Olives, the term used for this food, does not have as much relevance as the qualities of the fruit itself. These 4 benefits of olives are vital for healthy living, which is why it’s highly recommended for you to include them in your regular diet.

One of the great pleasures in my life is having olives as a snack while I cook. I love them! As well as there being several varieties that produce a range of inspiring intensities, flavors and aromas, olives are a food with qualities that are highly beneficial for your health.

They provide energy

One of the benefits of olives is, quite simply, the energy they provide. Olives are composed of monounsaturated fatty acids, which mean they provide large amounts of energy to the body. On top of that, as healthy lipids they strengthen the cardiovascular system and, therefore, reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

Optimal for memory

Monounsaturated acids boost the stimulation of the cardiovascular system, activation of blood circulation and the cardio protective effect, facilitating the arrival of oxygen to neural cells and contributing to optimal brain activity. As a result, people who consume olives daily significantly improve their memory and cognitive system.

They prevent aging

In addition to the benefits of olives mentioned above is the preservation of young, energetic and active cells. This fruit contains a large quantity of polyphenols and vitamin E: antioxidants that are fundamental for the proper functioning of the body and mind. As a result, free radicals do not damage the cells by deteriorating and aging them. Olives help the body to function to perfection every day

They satisfy the appetite

Olives contain oleic acid, which results in a satiety effect in the body. Consuming olives decreases the feeling of hunger and, therefore, a lower caloric intake is ingested throughout the day. This is perfect for people who are looking to maintain their ideal weight.

There are several other long-term benefits of olives, but I won’t overdo it as I know that too much information is sometimes unhelpful. Put simply, remember that consuming seven olives a day helps you to maintain fantastic health.