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Consejos para preparar un brunch
Consejos para preparar un brunch
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How to delight your friends with the best brunch

We’ve sorted out the food part of this. Now I’ll review how I’m going to organize everything else so that my guests can forget about everything and enjoy our brunch without any worries. Let’s take care of all the details. This will make you feel good too.

The table should be outdoors, in a shaded area. Comfort is of the essence. On my old wooden table I’ll use placemats and I’ll put a couple plants in the center. This will add a natural touch, but make sure they are not tall plants, so that you can see everyone.


Enter the bruschetta, the best-known toast in Italy. I’ll cut a few slices of focaccia bread, running a bit of garlic along the surface to give it some flavor. I’ll dice a tomato from the garden, adding some fresh basil leaves and then some olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s simple and it sounds good—don’t you agree?

Let’s prepare a few more things. For instance, Caprese (with bufala mozzarella), Pesto (with basil pesto), Prosciutto and Ricotta (slices of ham and cottage cheese). You know I am very open-minded. Italian and Tuscan traditions have always had a special place in my heart, with all the mastery they encapsulate.

On my table there will be other ingredients giving a less traditional yet special touch to our meal, if this is okay with my guests. Bruschetta goes perfectly well with a grilled egg and avocado, besides the tomato and olive oil we already mentioned. You find this inspiring? Now of course a brunch would never be complete without other foods such as fruit, cereal, chocolate and other goodies. And of course, the drinks—coffee, fruit juice, etc.


The ideas to eat I already have them. Now it's time to review how I'm going to organize all the elements so that my guests forget about the time and enjoy without any worries. For this you have to take care of the details. It will also make you feel better.

The table will be outdoors, but in the shade. Comfort is essential. On my old wooden table I will use placemats and in center plants. This will give you an even more natural look. But remember, do not be tall so as not to hinder.

To give it a further rustic touch I’ve decided to use wood, stone and earthenware crockery to present the food. I’ll customize them by writing down the ingredients and their whereabouts on a blackboard. I always point out that the essence lies in the details.

In addition, the dishes that I will use will be neutral white. It's the way I combine practically everything. In my case, with the darkness of the table and the tablecloth. Of course, there will be glass jars for, for example, cereals. In case you do not enter everything in the main table, it is advisable to use an auxiliary to make it more comfortable to serve yourself.

I can not have any more desire to receive my guests after writing these paragraphs. The mid-morning breeze, taste quality ingredients, remember good times, make new plans to keep adding up ... Are you looking for a brunch for yours?.

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