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Haute cuisine, travel and friends: the perfect recipe

July 26, 2018

The experiences we can derive from food, sharing moments with our friends, opening our minds… adding up memories with those we love is something more and more people choose to do. Food, travel and friends are the three variables of a quadratic equation where the Y you need to find is the date and the X is the destination. You can’t turn down such an enticing plan.

Culinary trips across the world are one of the main motivations for making plans with those you love. They even top going to the beach or getting to know new cities, for instance in countries such as Spain, according to some research. I am not writing this to stir up a discussion. All I want to do is to talk about a wonderful idea: travelling with our friends and discovering new flavors. You may be experiencing the same thing as me. Have you already closed your eyes and pictured yourself on a trip with your best friends? Your palate marks the road map for a new experience, with many destinations from which to choose.


I’m sure we agree that it’s not easy move our group of friends to long-distance travel. Now let’s think big, my dear friend. Why not? The Côte d’Azur in France. Nice—a very fine city. Some of its restaurants feature the sea through their windowpanes and at our table we can enjoy a dish of ratatouille, something typical in southeastern France. This is a perfect dish to accompany with Carapelli Organic. It’s also a great place to try out a salade niçoise or a tapenade as an aperitif. No need to mention all the wonderful French desserts.

Our search for the best cuisine can serve as our guide to determine where we will stop along the way, and of course this is fully compatible with tourism and entertainment, as well as being highly recommendable. In Florence, the capital of Tuscany, you can share an Italian focaccia prepared with Carapelli Oro Verde extra virgin olive oil near the Uffizi Gallery and end up savoring an extraordinary bistecca alla Fiorentina at the foot of the Campanile de Giotto at the Piazza del Duomo. Or you can travel to southern Spain to indulge in the traditional Andalusian salmorejo, perfectly enhanced with little bits of Iberian ham and the delicious touch of some high quality extra virgin olive oil.


There is life beyond the Mediterranean diet. You will understand, however, how hard it is for us to break away from it, especially considering all the different foods we grace with our liquid gold. We have the good fortune of being able to enjoy culinary wonders in destinations across our planet. Russia, for instance, where you should try out the soup known as borsch, served hot or cold, and always as the first course, in keeping with tradition. You can then move on to shashlik, the skewered meat typical of the Caucasus region.


We can go on planning imaginary routes, but why not one running through several countries? Benelux is a natural choice. We can drive along Belgian roads and stop in Brugge to eat some frites at the Friet Museum. Belgium is the birthplace of French fries and you’ll eat some like no others. We can get away with eating foods that are not among the healthiest around—or are they? In the Netherlands, you should invite your friends to a broodje haringm, a small baguette filled with dill pickles, onion and raw herring. Last of all, in Luxembourg, after a stroll through the boulevards and squares, you can make your way to the old quarter and enjoy the national dish: judd mat gaardebounen. It is made using pork and beans, accompanied with potatoes. In this small country they say nothing is quite right without potatoes along the side.


Maybe you’re more of a city dweller. Let’s head to Colombia, a country that besides plenty of forest areas has quite a few large cities that you should come and visit some time in your life. A culinary experience with your friends will fit perfectly within the country’s traditions. For instance, in Bogotá, in the Candelaria quarter. There you can enjoy a tasty ajiaco with chicken. In the Eastern part of the country you will find the typical llanera meat. Another option we recommend from among restaurant dishes are the arepas.

Looking back at these lines I can see we haven’t fallen short of thinking big. Not a bad approach. I do hope this will inspire you to set up a plan to travel somewhere in the world with those you love, ensuring that haute cuisine takes center stage for the rest of the experiences enjoyed with your friends. Looking up information is easy. Enjoy all these sensations, treat yourself to a gourmet experience catering to every one of your senses—the key to opening your eyes wide and enjoying life. Come on and give it a try!

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